25 Recommended Books on Kikuyu Culture & History

Over 25 Recommended Books on Kikuyuland

Below is a list of recommended books on Kikuyu people’s way of life, history, and culture both in the past and present. These books are either available for free in the public domain, libraries or on sale in bookshops and eCommerce websites (like Amazon).

Books Written in Kikuyu

1. Kĩrĩra Kĩa Agĩkũyũ By M. N. Kabetũ

2. Mĩhĩrĩga ya Agĩkũyũ By Gakaara wa Wanjaũ

3. Kariũki na Mũthoni by B. Mareka Gecaga

4. Urathi wa Chege wa Kibirũ by D. Kinuthia Mugia

5. Ugwati wa Muthungu Mũirũ by Gakaara wa Wanjau

6. Kwarahũra mũhooere wa Gĩkũyũ na Mũmbi by Gakaara wa Wanjau

7. Ndaĩ na Gĩcandĩ-Kikuyu Enigmas by Vittorio Merlo Pick

8. Mĩikarĩre ya Agĩkũyũ by Stanley Kĩama Gathigira

9. Wĩrute Gũthoma (Ibuku rĩa Mbere, Ibuku rĩa Kerĩ na Ibuku rĩa gatatũ) Book Series by Fred K. Kago


Pre-Colonial Books about Kikuyu People, Culture and History

1. With a prehistoric people, the Akikuyu of British East Africa – Book by William Scoresby Routledge (1910)

“Being some account of the method of life and mode of thought found existent amongst a nation on its first contact with European civilization.” Get a Free eBook Copy

2. King of the Wa-Kikuyu: A True Story of Travel and Adventure in Africa – Book by John Boyes Get a Free eBook Copy

3. Southern Kikuyu Before 1903 – By L.S.B Leakey (Volumes I, II & III)

4. 1000 Kikuyu Proverbs by G. Barra. The book is published by the Kenya Literature Bureau.

5. Mau Mau and the Kikuyu – Book by Louis Leakey


English Books on Kikuyu people’s way of life

1. Facing Mount Kenya: The Tribal Life of the Agikuyu – Book by Jomo Kenyatta Get a Free eBook Copy

2. Unbowed: A Memoir – Book by Wangari Maathai

3. Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya: Book by Caroline Elkins Get a copy on Amazon

4. A History of the Kikuyu, 1500-1900, Book by Godfrey Muriuki (1974)

5. The Trial of Dedan Kimathi Book by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

6. Transformation of Kikuyu Traditional Architecture – Case Study of Homesteads in Lower Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri, Kenya: Book by Joseph W. Kamenju Get an eBook copy

7. Traditional Agikuyu Music by Philip N. Wakaba

8. Red Strangers Novel by Elspeth Huxley

9. THE AKIKUYU (Kikuyu) – Their Customs Traditions and Folklore by Father Cagnolo (Nyeri Consolata Mission)

10. My Mother’s Poem and Other Songs. Songs and Poems (Paperback) by Micere Githae Mugo

11. Decolonizing the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature (Paperback) by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o.

12. Replenishing the Earth: Spiritual Values for Healing Ourselves and the World (Paperback) by Wangari Maathai.

13. The Agikuyu: 1890 – 1965 (Kikuyu Edition) by Maina Wa Kinyatti.


Featured Image: Watercolor rendering by Katherine Routledge (With a Prehistoric People – 1910)

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