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Kikuyuland ModernKikuyu Mount Kenya -
View of Mt. Kenya (Kirima Kia Nyaga) and a traditional Kikuyu Homestead. Picture by Routledge (1910)

Welcome to Kikuyuland (Modern Kikuyu)

Kikuyuland is a non-partisan, non-political website founded to share information and tales from Agikuyu people by Agikuyu.

In this platform, you’ll learn and share a lot on Culture, Traditions, Way of life and the Heritage of the Agikuyu people.

Stories shared on this platform are based on experience, oral traditions passed from generations to generations, observations and research from different sources.

It should be noted that some of the quotations, images, and materials on this website may be copyrighted by the owners.

The following are some of the topics explored in this Website.

  • Leaders (Today and in History)
  • Kikuyu Clothing and Dressing
  • Kikuyu Architecture
  • Food and Drinks
  • Traditional believes
  • Kikuyu music, dances, and Folktales
  • Tours and historical sites in Mount Kenya Region
  • Information centers for Kikuyu people
  • Kikuyu art & crafts
  • Gifts from Kikuyu people
  • Way of life
  • History and Transformation of Kikuyu culture

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