Wakarathe ní Turathane

Wakarathe ancient Kikuyu song

Hello, once again good people? Songs and stories were part of the traditional Kikuyu education. Children would gather around the fireplace in the “Nyumba” or under a tree and listen to songs and stories from the elders. Wakarathe is just but one of the many great songs in Kikuyuland. For those who may not be conversant with the language, ask someone to assist you in singing the song and learning the words.

Enjoy yourselves!



Wakarathe ní túrathane, nítúrathane.


Na wandatha;

Na wandatha, ngaagúthínjíra, ngaagúthínjíra.


Nacio nyama;

Nacio nyama, útwaríre aturi, útwaríre aturi.


Nao aturi;

Nao aturi, mature túhiú, mature túhiú.


Na túhiú;

Na túhiú, túúrathe matu, túúrathe matu.


Namo matu;

Namo matu, makoiria mbura, makoiria mbura.


Nayo mbura;

Nayo mbura, íkaameria nyeki, íkaameria nyeki.


Nayo nyeki;

Nayo nyeki, íkaarera njaú, íkaarera njaú.


Nayo njaú;

Nayo njaú, íkaagúra múka, íkaagúra múka.


Nake múka;

Nake múka, agaakia úcúrú, agaakia úcúrú.


Naguo úcúrú, túúgakúndúria, túúgakúndúria.

Hondoro, hondoro, hondoro.




Share your memories and what this song (Wakarathe) means to you. Also, share with your friends and families to who you think it will trigger some great memories.

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